SAP MM(Material Management)

Material Management Configuration & User Training

Organizational Structure

Enterprise Structure
Company code 
Storage Location
Purchasing Organization
Valuation Level
Purchasing Group

Assign Plant to Company Code 
Assign Purchase Organization to Company code 
Assign Purchase Organization to Plant
Assign Standard Purchase Organization to Plant

Master Data 

Material Master

Define Attributes of Material type
Define Number range for Each Material type
Define Industry Sector
Assign Fields to Field selection groups
Define Material groups
Maintain User Settings
Vendor Master
Define Account groups and field selection (vendor)
Define Number range for vendor master record
Define Terms of Payment
Check Incoterms
Purchase info record
Source List
Quota Arrangement


Inventory Management & Physical Inventory

Define number Assignment for reservation
Field Selection for MIGO

Procurement Processes

Consignment Procurement Process
Pipeline Procurement Process
Stock Transfer Process
Retention Process in Material Management
Down Payment Processing in Purchase order
Blanket Purchase order

Trouble Shooting in MM

Purchasing Info record not found in Purchasing Organization 1000
Error in Account coding allocation in ML81n
Wrong Decimal Notation in PO
Copying Rule for Purchase order text to PR
Goods Issue for Scrapping in SAP
SAP MM tables
SAP MM transcation code list
Purchase Requistion Step by Step release process
Set Duplicate Invoice check in MM
Period Opening in Material Management