Step by Step Help View Creation
Help View- This view is used to displaying possible values of field from one or more than one table i.e. used to output additional information when the online help system is called or when F4 is pressed on the field.

1) Provide the view name as given below and Click on clip_image001 Button.

2) Select the Help View Radio Button and Click on clip_image004 button.

3) Provide the short text and in the Tables section provide the table name and click on the Relationships Button.

4) Select the combination as marked and click on clip_image008 Button.

5)The Join condition is automatically field based on the two table matching fields. Now click on the View Fields Tab.

6) Click on the Table Fields.

7)Select the table and click on the Choose Button.

8)Choose table fields you want to include in your help view.

9)Now save the view by pressing clip_image018 button present in standard tool bar. Then activate the view with clip_image019 present in application tool bar.

Use of help view in search help

1) Create a search help on the created Help view. Go to TCode - SE11, select the Search help radio button, provide the name and click on Create button.

2) Select Elementary Search help radio button then click on the Ok Button .

3) Provide the short text and in the Selection Method provide the Help View name created above. In the Search Help parameter section, press F4 button and add required fields.clip_image026

4) Now save the view by pressing clip_image018[1] button present in standard tool bar. Then activate the view with clip_image019[1] present in application tool bar. Click on the Execute Button.

5) Press F4 button .

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Mohammed Khalid Khan
ABAP Consultant

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