Search Help - Search helps are objects that you can use to assign input help (F4 Help) to screen fields. You can do this by creating a search help in the ABAP Dictionary and attaching it to the corresponding screen field.

Search help are two types.

Elementary Search Help - Data coming from single table and display with in single screen.

Collective Search Help- Data display from more than one table

Step By Step Elementary Search Help Creation

1) Go to transaction SE11. Select the radio button for Search help. Enter the name of the search help to be created. Click on the Create button.

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2) The system will prompt for the search help type to be created. Select the Elementary search help, which is default.


3) In the selection method, we need to indicate whether our source of data is a table or a view. In our case it happens to be a table.


4) After the selection method is entered, In the Search Help parameter section, press F4 button and add required fields.


5) Select parameter details.


Import - Pass into the search help importing parameters to restrict the search help values.


Export - Indicates whether value is exported back to selection screen.


LPOS - Position of field in search help results report/table.

When you data is displayed in the F4 help that time it will be based on the LPos   position.


SPOS - Position on the selection screen if your search help to have select options which the user can enter to restrict further the search help value list by.

Step By Step Collective Search Help Creation in ABAP Dictionary


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