Views - A view is a "virtual table" containing fields from one or more tables.
Types of views
1- Database View.
2- Projection View
3- Maintenance View
4- Help View

Step by Step Database View Creation in ABAP Dictionary
Database views - Database views are used to combine application data often distributed over several tables. The structure of such views is defined by specifying the tables and fields that are required.

1) Go to transaction SE11. Select the radio button for View. Enter the name of the view to be created. Click on the Create button.
2) Select View type as database view and press clip_image003 button.

3) Enter Short description and table name.

4) Next provide relationship between two table .Click on clip_image003[4] button.
A pop will open ,select clip_image004 box and press clip_image005 button.

5) After Clicking Copy button system will automatically show join condition.

6) Go to tab View Fields tab.

7) Now Enter view field one by one or press clip_image012 and select table fields.
8) Choose the table whose fields we want to include in our view.

9) Do same process for other table. Do not include 'MANDT' & ' AUTHER_ID ' twice. While activating the view, it will lead to an error.

10) Now save the view by pressing clip_image015 button present in standard tool bar. Then activate the view with clip_image016[5] present in application tool bar.

11) Press clip_image019[4] to see the contents. Below screen gets displayed .
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