SAP HANA Studio Look and Feel

SAP HANA studio Overview

SAP HANA Studio runs on the Eclipse platform. It is both the central development environment and the main administration tool for SAP HANA database.

Developers use SAP HANA Studio for creating information models and stored procedures. These development objects are stored in the SAP HANA repository.

Administrators use SAP HANA Studio to administer activities, such as to start and stop services, monitor the system, configure system settings, Security settings and manage users and authorizations.

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Systems View

For HANA Studio the central point of Access is the Systems View, which is usually placed on the left side of the screen.In the Navigator tree you can incorporate several HANA instances directly connected with the appropriate user.

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The Catalog Folder contains all Database schemas. Each Schema contains a folder for Column Views, Functions, Tables and Views.

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The Folder “Content” contains the Information Model packages.

Each package contains a folder for

  • Attribute Views
  • Analytic Views
  • Calculation Views
  • Analytic Privileges
  • Procedures 
  • Decision Tables.

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The Provisioning folder is  related to data provisioning approach in which you can combine data from remote sources  (Hadoop, Teradata, Oracle,MSSQL,SAP ASE, SAP IQ) with data of your SAP HANA physical tables, by exposing them as virtual tables.

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The System Administrators define users and roles in the security folder.

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Modeler Prespective

All the modeling activities will be done from this perspective.

In the modeler prespective we can create tables, create information views ( Attribute, Analytic, Calculation, SQL procedures, Processing Models, Importing tables/schema, Loading data etc.)

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Administration Prespective

The Administration console reflects the pre-delivered Administration Perspective.

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Development Prespective

The development prespective in  SAP HANA Studio includes with debugging functionality.

From the development perspective it is possible to check in and out development objects, connecting to a repository

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