We have created the Analytic model to view the plantwise sales quantity.  Let see how to build the report using the view on Analysis for Microsoft Excel.

  • Goto Start menu > Program > Businessobjects > Analysis for Microsoft Excel.

3-22-2016 1-22-09 AM

  • Goto Analysis tab and Select data source.

3-22-2016 1-22-36 AM

  •   Skip the logon screen to use the Local ODBC connection to HANA

3-22-2016 1-24-57 AM

  • Select the HANA ODBC connection. Press next.      

3-22-2016 1-25-08 AM

  • Navigate to folder. Select the Analytic or Calculation views from the Package.

3-22-2016 1-27-09 AM

  • Report will be generated based on the view.

3-22-2016 2-18-44 AM

  • To Further build the report drag and drop the measures and dimensions in the columns and rows.

3-22-2016 2-23-29 AM

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