Generate Time Data in SAP HANA – PART 2 ( Gregorian)
Generate time data option helps to generate time date either by gregorian or fiscal calendar type. The generated time data can be used for Creating Time based Attribute views.

1) Go to the Modeler quick view, then select Generate Time Data
3-13-2016 4-46-25 PM
2) Select the System. Press next.
3-13-2016 4-46-46 PM
In generate time data screen two calendar type option will be available.
Calendar type :  Gregorian, Fiscal
Gregorian Calendar type Time Generation
  • Select Gregorian from the calendar type
  • Specify the From year and To year.  For ex: 2009 to 2010 ( which will generate every single date from 2009 to 2010 )
  • Available Granularity options : YEAR, MONTH,WEEK, DAY, HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND
  • Choose day from the Granularity and Specify the first day of the week.
  • Press Finish to generate.
  3-14-2016 10-20-16 AM
  • The generated time data can be verified in  Schema : _SYS _BI 
              Table: M_ TIME_DIMESION – Day Granularity
                             M_TIME_DIMENSION_MONTH – Month Granularity
                             M_TIME_ DIMENSION_WEEK – Week Granularity
                             M_TIME_DIMENSION_YEAR – Year Granularity
    3-14-2016 10-28-30 AM

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