SAP HANA Free Server Access Trial Account on Cloud.

How to Practice SAP HANA ?.

SAP is offering  a free trial account on Cloud for developer. But it comes up with limitations and shared space.

You can register one for free and start your hands on to explore SAP HANA.

Creating SAP HANA Cloud Account.

1) Create the trial account from the following link

 2-15-2016 8-24-47 AM

2) Register with your name, E-mail & Password. Accept the terms and conditions.

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3) An Email link will be send for the activation. Activate the account.

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4) After Successful activation. Press continue.

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5)  SAP HANA Cloud Platform Cockpit will be opened.

2-15-2016 8-30-39 AM

6) Go to Database & Schemas in the left pane of the cockpit. Create New Instance/Database

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7) Give the Schema name. And, Select  the database system as HANA <Shared >from the Drop Down.

2-15-2016 8-31-27 AM

8) The Schema  will be created. In the development tools, Click on the SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench to Launch the WebIDE.

2-15-2016 8-41-10 AM

9) SAP HANA web based Editor will be opened.

2-17-2016 2-57-09 PM

10) Goto Navigation link and choose catalog.

2-17-2016 2-59-14 PM

11) In the catalog, you can see list of SCHEMA. Where SYS, _SYS_BI,  _SYS_REPO, _SYS_TASK are System SCHEMA.

2-17-2016 2-59-02 PM

Create Tables in SAP HANA

Now lets create tables and test it.

Click on the SCHEMA and Select the SQL editor. Input the SQL statement to create the table. And Press Run.


2-17-2016 3-36-45 PM

Right Click on the SCHEMA and refresh to see the created table.

2-17-2016 3-42-28 PM

Happy Learning Smile.


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