SAP HANA CLOUD Platform -Connecting via Datasource(ODBC)

In this tutorial, will explain how to configure the OBDC connection to HANA cloud Platform account.

1)  Go to Windows >  Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools. Click on Data Source(ODBC)

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2) Goto System DSN tab. Click on Add

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3) Select HBDODBC and click on finish button.

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4) Specify the datasource name. Specify your Server:Port details [ localhost:30115] and Click on connect.

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5) Specify the User and Password. Press Ok.

     Note: Server& Port , Username & Password information is generated when we create the tunnel to HANA cloud.

      How to create tunnel Click here

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6) If the connection is Successful, it will show on the pop-up. Press Ok.

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7) The created datasource will appear. Press ok and exit.

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The connection to HANA cloud Platform is established via ODBC.

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