SAP HANA Cloud Platform - Connecting via Command Line

In this tutorial, Will explain how to create tunnel to HANA cloud platform account via command line to access the Schema.

1) As, First Step download the SAP HANA cloud Platfrom SDK (Java Web) from the below Link here.

    2-14-2016 5-04-11 PM

2) Create the directory hcpsdk in the local system directory  C:\Windows\Program files\sap

     2-14-2016 5-07-41 PM

3) Extract the downloaded zip file 2-14-2016 5-12-54 PM( Java Web SDK ) to the following directory hcpsdk

    2-14-2016 5-13-34 PM

4) Go to Windows > Preferences on (HANA Studio or Eclipse IDE).

 2-14-2016 5-28-37 PM

5) Give the Landscape host, SDK location, Account name and User name as shown below in the picture.

2-14-2016 5-27-11 PM

4) Open the command line from Windows> Run > CMD. And navigate to the following path C:\Program files\ sap\hcpsdk\tools

   2-14-2016 5-18-15 PM

5) Copy and paste the below code. Replace the SchemaName, Account Name and Username of your cloud Account.

neo open-db-tunnel –i  schemaname –a  p10241781796trial -h hanatrial.ondemand.com -u p1941881796

  How to create schema on HANA cloud Platform account click here

6) Once the code is executed. It will prompt for the password input (HANA Cloud Platform account Password).

  The tunnel will be opened which is valid for 24 hrs.This username and password combination is valid until the tunnel is open.

  Also,the following Information will be generated.(Instance Number, User, Password, Schema Name, JDBC url)

  2-14-2016 5-35-03 PM

Copy the Information (User,Password  & Schema Name) in notepad for creating ODBC connection to HCP.

SAP HANA CLOUD Platform -Connecting via Datasource(ODBC). Click here

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