Personal Action PA40 – Part 2

The first step in the HCM Modules is Hiring an Employee. Then Maintain record for the Hired Employee and execute the payroll.

Hiring an Employee in SAP

T-Code : PA40
Menu Path: Human Resource > Personnel Management > Administration >HR Master Data>Personnel Action

Check the Personal Action PA40 – Part 1


 Enter the details as mentioned in Personal Action PA40 – Part 1. Save the entry & Press Next.


Organizational Assigment

  • Maintain the Subarea Ex: Location
  • Payroll Area.  Save the entry & Press Next.

Administrator Group:

Following are the administrator heads in PA module:

  • Personnel Administrator – Head of HR/Administration department.
  • Time Administrator – Head of Time department.
  • Payroll Administrator – Head of Payroll department.
  • Supervisor – Head of any department.

Payroll Area:

Payroll Area is not at all concerned with the geographical location but it is decided or created by considering following two characteristics:

  • Processing cycle of payroll i.e. Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly ( Payment date i.e. 1st of each month for worker and 7th of each month for manager and staff)
  • Earliest possible retroactive accounting period.


Personal Data

  • Maintain the Personal Information of the Employee. Ex: Birth Date, Birth Place, Nationality, Religion. etc
  • Save the entry & Press Next.


Family Member/ Dependents

  • Maintain the Spouse and Child Details if employee status is Married.




  • Select Permanent Residence and Press enter.
  • Maintain the Address details of the Employee


Planned Working Time

  • Maintain the Work Schedule rule.
  • Time Managment Status:

2-18-2016 4-17-16 PM


Basic Pay

  • In the Payscale Section maintain the Group (As per the position) and in the level as per the grade. Press enter
  • Wage types are configured as per the position. It will Automatically shows the assigned wagetype to the position.
  • Maintain the Amount for the Wage types.
  • Save the Entry.


Bank Details

  • Maintain the Bank Details. If salary is transferred to Bank
  • For the payment method Cash. No need to enter the Bank Key.
  • Save the entry.


After the Hiring Process is completed. Then Next Action is to Maintain the employee Master Data in PA30.

Maintain HR Master Data PA30

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