Personal Action PA40 – Part 1

The first step in the HCM Modules is Hiring an Employee. Then Maintain Master Data for the Hired Employee and execute the payroll.

Personnel Actions:

Personnel Actions are the activities carried out on an employee (personnel) within the organization.

All personnel actions viz. Hiring, Confirmation, Promotion, Transfer, Change in pay, Separation, Re-hire etc. are maintained here.

Hiring an Employee in SAP

T-Code : PA40
Menu Path: Human Resource > Personnel Management > Administration >HR Master Data>Personnel Action

  • Select the Action Type – Hiring. Then press F8 (Execute).

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  • Maintain the Start date which is Date of Joining and to Date .
  • Maintain the Personal Data
  • Maintain the Organization Assignment

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  * Assign the position if it is maintained already by pressing F4. If not create the new Position.

Creating Position and Job


  • Select the Organization Unit. Press Enter

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  • Place the cursor on top of the organizational Unit Company and press Create.
  • Maintain the department for the company if not exist.

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  • Place the cursor on top of the organization unit department and press create.
  • Maintain the Position for the department

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  • Give the Abbrevation and Name for the position and create job.
  • Enter the validity period for the Position.
  • Save the entry.

2-18-2016 2-02-12 PM

  • Now Assign the Position to the Hired New Employee.
  • Save the entry.

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Personnel Area:

Personnel Area is an organizational unit that represents a specific area of the enterprise and is organized according to the aspects of ‘Personnel’, ‘Time Management’ and ‘Payroll’.

Personnel Sub-area:

Personnel Sub-area is an organizational unit that represents a specific area of the enterprise and is organized according to aspects of ‘Personnel’, ‘Time Management’ and ‘Payroll’. It is further division of Personnel Area.

Employee Group( EE Group):

Employee groups are categorized based on employee/staff regulations of work and pay such as

1-Active, 2-Inactive, A-Retiree, B-Pensioner etc

Employee Sub-group:

Employee Subgroups are the further divisions of employee group such as under ‘Active’ employee group the possible employee subgroups could be

A1–Hourly wage earner, A2–Salaried Employee OR B1-Manager, B2-Executive, B3-Supervisor etc

Personal Action PA40 – Part 2

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