Installing SAP HANA Studio/ Eclipse IDE.

To add the cloud account to HANA studio or Eclipse.

Download and Install HANA Studio from SAP Service MarketPlace.

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Download and Install Eclipse MARS or LUNA from the below Download Link

Eclipse MARS Download Link

Eclipse LUNA Download Link

To Access SAP Cloud Account in SAP HANA Studio / Eclipse.

Install New Software

  • Go to Help Menu and Click Install New Software

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  • Click on add button and enter the following link ( https://tools.hana.ondemand.com/kepler )
  • Select the tools SAP HANA Cloud Platform tools / SAP HANA tools
  • Click Next and Finish the Installation.
  • Restart the SAP HANA Studio / Eclipse.

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Adding Cloud System

  • Go to Modeler Prespective > Click on Add Cloud System

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  • Input your SAP HANA trial account name, username & password as shown below in the screen. Make sure that Landscape host: hanatrial.ondemand.com

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  • Click next

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  • Now you can see the cloud system added to SAP HANA studio.

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