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Finance Accounting - General Ledger

A General Ledger contains all the transaction details of a company. It acts as the primary record to maintain all accounting details. Common general ledger entries are customer transactions, purchases from vendors, and internal company transactions.

Common T-codes that are used to maintain G/L accounting

  • F-06
  • F-07
  • FBCJ
  • FB50
  • FB02

Finance Accounting - Accounts Receivable and Payable (AR / AP)

It includes the details of amount that is paid by the customer and the amount that is paid by company to the vendors. In other words, AP includes all the vendor transactions and AR includes all the customer transactions.

Common SAP AR T-codes

  • FD11
  • FD10
  • FRCA
  • VD01

Common SAP AR Tables

  • KNA1
  • KNVV
  • BSIW

Common SAP AP T-codes

  • XK01
  • MK01
  • MK02
  • FCHU

Common SAP AP Tables

  • LFA1
  • LFM2
  • LFBK

Finance Accounting Asset Accounting

Asset Accounting deals with all the fixed asset of the company and provides all the transaction details about fixed assets. The asset accounting module of Finance Accounting works closely with other modules like SAP MM, SAP Plant Management, EWM, etc.

Common T-codes used for Asset Accounting −

  • AT01
  • AT03
  • AUN0
  • ASEM

Example − When a company purchases an item that can be considered as an asset, the details will be passed to Asset accounting module from the SAP MM module.

Finance Accounting Bank Accounting

It deals with all the transactions done through bank. It includes all the incoming and outgoing transactions performed, balance management and bank transaction master data.

You can create and process any type of bank transactions using the Bank accounting component.

Common Bank Accounting module tables that are used for this are

  • LFBK
  • BNKA
  • KNBK

Common T-codes with bank accounting

  • FI13
  • FF_6
  • RVND

Finance Accounting Travel Management

This module is used to manage all the travel expenses of a company. It involves all the travels request, their planning and expenses involved in all the requested trips.

It helps an organization to manage travel expenses in an efficient manner, as it provides integration with all the other modules of SAP.

Common Travel Management T-codes

  • PR05
  • PRTS
  • TRIP
  • PR00

Common Travel Management tables

  • TA22B

Finance Accounting Fund Management

This module is used to manage funds in a company. Fund Management module interacts with other modules like Bank accounting, General Ledger (G/L, SAP AR/AP, and SAP Material Management, etc. to get fund details.

It involves all the transactions for fund receiving, fund expenditure, and future expenses. It helps a company to create budget forecasting and to use the funds in a proper way.

Common tables that store Funds management data

  • FMIT

Common SAP Funds Management T-codes

  • FM5I
  • FMWA
  • FMEQ

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