In earlier versions of SAP HANA 1.0 SP3 flat file upload  was done via BODS ( Business object Data Service Designer) and other methods. From SP4 we can upload flat file directly to SAP HANA. Kindly follow the steps to upload the data from the flat file to SAP HANA database.
1) Open SAP HANA Studio
2) Login to the SAP HANA system with credentials
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3) Navigate to the file and then click import
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4) Navigate to SAP HANA Content and then select Data from local file. Click next
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5) Select the target system which is HANA DB. Click Next
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6) Select the file to upload by clicking the browse button. Only three file formats are supported ( .CSV,.XLS,.XLSX) in flat file upload method. In the target table select the schema where the table will be   uploaded and give the table name. Click Next
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7)  You can define whether want to upload the table as Column Store or Row Store table from Store type.Define the required data type and primary key for the table
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8) After definition and mappings done click finish.

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9)  Check the job log on successful import of flat file
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10) Navigate to Catalog > Select the schema > Tables. Right click and refresh so that the uploaded table will appear.
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11) Right click the table. Click open definition and open content to display the data types and data from the table.
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