The vendor master contains information about a company's vendors. This information is stored in individual vendor master records.
The vendor master record consists of three sections
  • General Data
     General data is maintained at the client level because this data is common for all the lower-level organization units.Ex : Vendor address, Contact details etc.
  • Accounting Data
         Accounting data is maintained by the accounting department and is created at the company code level.
  • Purchasing Data
       Purchasing data is maintained by the purchasing department and is created at the purchase organization level.

To create vendor centrally you can use the following t-codes XK01, XK02, XK03. To maintain accounting data t-codes FK01, FK02, FK03 and to Maintain purchasing data t-code MK01, MK02, MK03 can be authorized to the users.

Account group:
When creating  a vendor master record, you must decide to which account group you are going to assign to this vendor. The account group has control functions. When you maintain the vendor master record, only the screens and field that are needed for the relevant role of your business partner are displayed and are ready for input. This is controlled by the account group.

Reconciliation account :
When creating a vendor master record, you must also maintain a reconciliation account. The reconciliation account is a G/L account in G/L accounting. It depicts a company liabilities with regards to several vendors in G/L accounting.

T-Code : OMSG
Logistic -general > Business partner > Vendors > Control > Define Account groups and field selection
  1. Click New entries and enter four- digit alphanumeric code and description.
  2. For One time vendor, tick the one time vendor Account field.
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     3. Maintain the account group as per the business requirements.
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Field Selection Configuration
  1. Double click on the Company code data in the field status.
  2. Select the group payment transaction and double click, maintain the field House bank as required entry.
  3. You can configure for different fields such as Suppress, Required entry, Optional entry or Display
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