Define Attributes of Material type

Materials with the same basic attributes are grouped together and assigned to a material type. This allows you to manage different materials in a uniform manner in accordance with your company's requirements

The following are the SAP standard material type. The business may also decide to configure their own material type which can be achieved by the configuration. 

  • CONT-KANBAN Container
  • DIEN  -Services
  • ERSA - Spare Parts
  • FERT - Finished goods
  • FHMI- Production resources/ Tools ( PRT)
  • HALB- Semi-finished goods
  • HAWA-Trading goods
  • HERS- Manufacturer Parts
  • HIBE- Operating Supplies
  • IBAU- Maintenance Assembly
  • KMAT- Configurable Material
  • LEER - Empties
  • LEIH- Returnable Packaging
  • NLAG- Non-Stock Material
  • PIPE- Pipeline material
  • ROH- Raw materials
  • UNBW- No-Valuated Material
  • VERP- Packaging Material
  • WETT- Competitive Products


IMG Path :

T-code: OMS2

Logistic -general > Material Master > Basic Settings > Material types > Define Attributes of Material type.

  1.  Select the ROH- Raw material and Select (Copy As) button
  2. Enter the Four Character Material Type Which is should always start with Letter  " Z" or "Y" and description as shown below.
  3. Maintain the required entries as per the business requirement, standard settings is more sufficient.




    4. Double click on the Quantity/Value Updating and Select the relevant valuation area.  Ex: SA01, SA02, SA03 Valuation area selected.


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