The Storage location is the place where stock is physically kept within a plant. 
The following attributes of Storage locations are.
  • There may be one or more storage locations within a plant.
  • It is possible to store material data specific to a storage location.
  • Stocks are managed only on a quantity basis and not on a value basis at storage location level.
  • A storage location has a description and at least one address.
  • Physical inventories are carried out at storage location level.
In the Warehouse Management System a storage location can also be assigned to a Warehouse number. We can assign more than one storage location to the same warehouse number within a plant.
Prerequisite for the Storage location configuration
  • Plant
IMG Path:
T-code : OX09
Enterprise Structure > Definition > Materials Management >Maintain Storage Location

Enter the Plant
9-15-2015 3-39-34 PM

Click on the New Entries
9-15-2015 11-18-57 AM

Maintain the storage location which is four digit alphanumeric code and the description
9-15-2015 11-18-24 AM

Maintain the other storage locations as per the business requirements.
9-15-2015 11-18-01 AM

To maintain address, select the storage location and click on Address of storage location in the left as show in the figure below.
Click on New entries and input the address details.

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