In the SAP system,organization levels represent the legal or organizational structure of a company.It is essential prerequisite for all Subsequent Activities


The Client is a unit within an SAP System that contained both in legal and organization terms ,with separate master records and an independent set of tables.For example Client can also be represent as corporate group

The client is the highest hierarchical level in the SAP system.Is it defined in the system by a three-digit numeric key.

Following client are reserved in SAP standard system delivered ( 000-Reference client,001-Preparation Production client,066-Early watch Service)


T-Code : SCC4


1) Click on Display, Change button

2) Click on New entries


3) Enter Client Number and Name

4) Enter the location name under city

5) In Std currency enter the default currency for the client

6) In client role select the appropriate entry from the drop down list ( Ex: Customizing)

7) Select the relevant option under changes and transport for client specific objects

8) Select the appropriate entry from the ( Cross client object changes ,Client copy and comparison tool protection & CATT and eCATT Restrictions)

9) Save your entries

The client created has been listed


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