Item category is not defined message no. vl324

While creating a Delivery and trying to save it with Batch split the following error will appears "Item category is not defined"Message no. VL324.

Solution :

Batch Split Processing in SD Deliveries

Defining Item Category Determination in Deliveries Procedure

1.Access the activity using one of the following navigation options:

Transaction code - 0184

IMG menu Logistics Execution --Shipping--Deliveries--Define ItemCategory Determination in Deliveries

2. On the Change View “Delivery item category determination”: Overview screen, choose New entries

3. Make the following entries:

Create the entries as per the business process defined.For My scenario YTNN item category is used for Trading Material.

4. Choose Save (Ctrl + S).

5. Choose Back (F3).

Create Delivery

Transaction -vl01n

The following error will not appear.

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