The Linux Operating System continues to grow in popularity and acceptance world-wide and the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has designed a certification program to certify the competency of system administration using the Linux operating system and its associated tools.
This training maps to the LPIC-1 exams 101 and 102 and teaches you how to work at the Linux command line, perform simple maintenance, support users, and carry out backup, restore, shutdown and reboot commands. You'll also gain the skills to install and configure a workstation and connect it to a LAN, or a stand-alone PC via modem to the Internet.

Instructor Perry Fizzano covers all the topics in a series of easy to comprehend videos that are great for the beginner and expert alike. He even shares his own Linux experiences along the way to give you a better understanding of what using Linux is all about.

There are 19 videos providing more than 9 hours of instruction. A basic understanding of computers and networking is suggested prior to viewing this training.

LPI Series: LPIC-1 Contents:

1)LPIC-1 Series Intro
2)Using the Command Line
3)More Command Line Skills
4)Command Line Skills Part 3
5) Processes
7)Installation Issues
8) File Systems
9) Package Management
10) X windows
11) Kernel Modules
12) Printing
13) Administrative Tasks 1
14) Administrative Tasks 2
15) Shell Scripting
16) Basic Networking
17) Network Services 1
18) Network Services 2
19) Basic Security
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